Securely split a CSV file - perfect for private data

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How to Securely Split a CSV file

Updated 9.26.2019

Very often, you're dealing with large amounts of personally identifiable information which you're trying to access, break down, and split into smaller amounts that you can work on. This typically happens in a business context. In these cases, Excel simply wont work - the files are too large, and your computer slows to a crawl. Splitcsv has a solution for that. Our secure & private CSV splitting option enables you to manipulate large amounts of private data securely. Here's how it works:

  1. Your data never touches any cloud public cloud services (your CSV files are uploaded directly to our servers, bypassing Google Cloud).
  2. Once your split is complete and the payment is complete, we immediately delete all your data from our servers
  3. Content passing through our system is never transmitted to any 3rd parties, or stored outside our system is a fast, easy CSV splitter online. It works perfectly on Mac, Windows, in any browser, with no download required. Secure CSV splitting is expected in Q4 2019, and will be available under our $100/month pass.

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