Automate your data transformation workflows with Split CSV Webhooks.

Split CSV now supports web hooks for easy integration with other systems.
Webhooks integration is a paid feature. It is also available to customers who purchase a subscription or a one-time plan.
To use a webhook notification with Split CSV, enter the URL on the Output Details page:
By default, a single notification will be sent with a URL to download the zipped split output files. If you'd like to receive a webhook notification for each individual file, check the per file option.
That's it! After the order is completed, you'll receive a webhook notification with a URL that you can use to download the data:
The supported data fields are:
content URL The URL to download the contents of the split. This will typically expire within 10 minutes.
id UUID The Split CSV Order Identifier.
created datetime The date the order was created, in ISO-8601 format.
updated datetime The most recent date and time the order was processed, in ISO-8601 format.
status string The order status: possible values are started, completed, or error.
name string The order name, derived from the original source file's name.
item string The file name of this specific split file. Only present on per file web hook callbacks.
index number The unique index or name for this specific split file. Only present on per file web hook callbacks.
An example is:
  "content": "",
  "id": "3b4243c7-9c65-4871-8fdd-c9a808b7d0d9",
  "created": "2022-09-07T21:21:33.900Z",
  "name": "small.csv",
  "status": "completed",
  "updated": "2022-09-07T22:25:03.173Z",
  "item": "small-4.csv",
  "index": 4
Happy splitting!