How to reorder and/or remove columns in a CSV file is the fastest and easiest way to reorder and/or remove columns in any CSV file is not only the easiest way to split a large csv file, it is also the fastest and easiest way to remove and/or reorder the columns in your CSV file. This is useful in situations such as:

  • You have a very large dataset that includes a column that that takes up a lot of space but isn't needed.
  • You are passing the CSV file to a program that expects the rows in a very specific order.

Split CSV now lets you make these modifications to your CSV files, just as easily as you can split or remove duplicate rows. Here is how it works:

  1. First, head over to to get started. 
  2. Next, select "Choose File" and upload your csv file(ending in .csv) file. The upload will begin right away. Once the file has uploaded, click the Options button to continue. 
  3. Tell us if your file has headers, and choose how you'd like the file split. You can also choose any additional output settings on this page. Click Advanced Options to continue.
  4. Here is where you will adjust the columns. The headers detected from the file will be listed with a simple toggle button under the Drop header. Select the columns you'd like to delete: any header with a red toggle will be dropped from the output files. You can also drag and drop the header entries in the list to set the specific order you'd like. If you need to remove any changes you've made, the Reset button will clear the changes. Click the Confirm Order button to save your selections and complete the split.
  5. Confirm that the options are as intended, and then click the Split button to finish your order. Column remove and reorder is a premium feature that requires payment (our standard order is $1.99, no subscriptions, no additional charges or hidden fees). 
  6. Choose your payment method: we accept credit cards as well as Paypal.             
  7. Once your payment is accepted, we'll start the split!
  8. The receipt page will refresh to include a link to the split results, and we'll send you an email as well. All results will be zipped up for download.

All uploaded files will be kept for at most 7 days before being deleted: depending on volume it could be earlier.  At no time is the original source file downloadable, and the link to download the results will only be available on the receipt page, no where else.

Happy splitting!

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