Customize data retention in Split CSV

Control how long split outputs are preserved for easier sharing is the easiest way to split a large data file into multiple files, with support for CSV files (with a file extension of .csv) and Excel files (with a file extension of .xlsx). For security and trust reasons, we automatically delete all content within 24 hours of the split completing: for most users this works fine, as the split outputs are downloaded immediately, so no additional action needs to be taken.

However, some usage patterns aren't well served by this default data retention policy:

  • Sometimes you want to run splits on a large number of files, and then download all the results once done.
  • Very large files may take longer to split: being able to start a split on Friday evening and then have it waiting for you on Monday morning is handy!
  • Shared accounts, where the data is sourced by one person who does the splits, but downloaded and consumed by another person in a different location.

For these and other use cases, we're happy to provide custom data retention: this lets users with a subscription or a one-time plan pick a number of days to preserve the split output, up to 30 days in the future. To get started:

  1. Go to and log in, then open the account menu in the top right of the browser window. Click on the Profile option.Log into Split CSV and click the Profile link
  2. Select the Personal Information screen (it may already be selected) and then scroll down to the section titled Order Defaults. You can then set the value to the number of days (up to a maximum of 30).             Update the retention time
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes.Updated default data retention period

Note that the customized data retention settings are only applied for customers on subscriptions or one-time plans: split orders from other customers will use the default 1 day (24 hour) retention setting.

Happy splitting!