How to use Web Hook Notifications for each split file in Split CSV

Sending a single web hook for each file in Split CSV is the easiest way to split a large CSV file (with a file extension of .csv) file into multiple files. For customers who are trying to have the individual CSV files sent to an integration such as Zapier or n8n, we now support sending a web hook notification for each individual file: if you split your source data into 4 files, you'll receive 4 different notifications, one for each output file. Here's how you can use Split CSV's per-file web hook notifications:

  1. Go to
  2. Upload your data: you can upload a CSV or Excel file, paste your data or select a Google Sheets file. You can click the Split Options button to continue once your data is uploaded.
    Loading your data
  3. Once the Split Options page loads, make your selections: below, we are splitting into 4 files. Click the Output Details button to continue once you've made your selection.
    Split Options
  4. On the Output Details page, pick where you want the split files to be saved: below, we are downloading a zip file with the individual files, but we could choose to save them back to Google Drive as well. Scroll to the Web Hook Notifications section and enter the web hook URL. Ensure the Per File checkbox is checked, then click the Advanced Options button to continue.
    Web Hook Notifications
  5. You can now select any advanced options, including dropping specific columns, re-ordering the output column order or adding new additional columns. Select Confirm Order to verify your selections.
    Advanced Options
  6. Once your selections are verified, click the Split button.
    Confirming split options
  7. You'll get a confirmation message, and shortly afterwards the split will show progress updates. You can close the window or choose to wait for the results: you will receive an email once the split is completed.
    Split Confirmation
  8. Once the split is complete, you can download the results.
    Completed split
  9. The web hook notifications will occur automatically: here is an example of the data that will be sent with each web hook.
    Web Hook Payload

Visit for detailed documentation of our web hook support.

Happy splitting!