New Free Service limits in February 2024

Changes to our free offering in February 2024 is the easiest way to split a large data file into multiple files, with support for CSV files (with a file extension of .csv) and Excel files (with a file extension of .xlsx).

Since our launch in 2019, we've slowly grown to process over 400GB of data and 2 billion rows each week: in that time 99% of our orders have been free. As our volumes have increased, we've added advanced features and support for Zapier, Google Drive and Dropbox. To better support our continued development and raise more money for stability and service improvements, we're making a change to our free service limits.

Starting on February 21, 2024, orders with more than 10 million rows will require a paid order, subscription or one-time plan: this change will affect about 0.25% of splits processed by our systems, and will let us invest in additional resources to keep the system running.

As always, pricing information is available on our Pricing page. Please let us know if there are any questions we can help with.

Happy splitting!