The easiest way to split a CSV file

( bytes rows)
Direct Download

Download a single file that contains the results of your requested split.

PREMIUM Google Drive

Save the results of your requested split directly to Google Drive.

Destination Folder:
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PREMIUM Web Hook Notifications

Receive a notification callback when your split is complete.


Instantly upload files of any size.
Multiple choices for how the file is split:
  1. Total number of files
  2. Size of each file
  3. Number of lines per file
Preserve as many header lines as needed in each split file.
Directly download all output files as a single zip file.


We built Split CSV after we realized we kept having to split CSV files and could never remember what we used to do it last time and what the proper settings were. We wanted no install, support for large files, the ability to know how far along we were in the split process, and easy notifications so we could get on with our other work rather than having to keep an eye on the process. We think we got it done!