How to split a CSV file and save Excel files to Google Drive

The easiest way to split a CSV file and save the output as Excel files in Google Drive is the easiest way to split a large CSV file (with a file extension of .csv) file into multiple files. If you have a CSV file that is too large to open in a specific program (like Excel) because it uses too much memory or hits the row/column limit, can help you break it apart into smaller Excel files and save it to Google Drive, so you can share it with your team. Here is the easiest way to split a CSV file into smaller Excel files and save it to Google Drive.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Choose File button and upload a CSV file or Excel file. Once the file is uploaded and processed, select the Split Options button to continue.Uploaded CSV file
  3. Once the Split Options page loads, select your split options: below, we are splitting by number of records. Select the Excel output option, then click the Output Details button to continue.Select the Excel output format
  4. On the Output Details page, click the Individual Excel Files button.Individual Excel Files
  5. You can then click the Drive button to open the Google Drive picker and select the destination folder for the new file. Once you've selected the folder, click the Select button.Select the output folder
  6. The Output Details page will now show the output location. You can click the Advanced Options button to continue.The Google Drive output folder
  7. You can now select any advanced options, including dropping specific columns, re-ordering the output column order or adding new additional columns. Select Confirm Order to verify your selections.Advanced Options
  8. Once your selections are verified, click the Split button.Complete your split
  9. On the confirmation page, the split will be executed.Completing the split
  10. When the split is complete, a View button will be shown.Split results now available
  11. In Google Drive, you'll be able to see all the split files.Completed Excel files

Happy splitting!